In recent years China’s building boom has been leading the world with great innovations in design concepts and new building technologies. Chinese government recently implemented measures to keep real-estate pricing under control, indirectly positioning the Chinese building industry to be ready for next big innovations, including central government’s commitment to deploy sustainable green energy practices and products.

China is one of the most ideal regions for the SPB deployment. New government policy, subsidy programs, standards, certification system and financial policies are critical foundations to take the SPB deployment to a mass-scale level. A good and comparable example would be China’s high-speed-rail (HSR) experiment, where within 5 years China became the world’s biggest maker and builder of HSR systems;  a mass deployment of SPB will hold even greater effect and market value as Chinese manufactures gain vast amounts of information ahead of the rest of the world in SPB development knowledge, both in theory and in practice. China’s SPB move will likely cause a global race, which is great news for everybody in the world.


The fourth largest consumer electronics manufacturer in China, this beautiful coastal city shares many similarities to Vancouver. People in both cities are pro-active green building supporters.  ISPBC is working with top Tsingdao developers to develop a large-scale SPB community as a pilot program that may lead to further regional new development plans in cities surrounding the new HSR lines now under construction.