Self-Powered Building (SPB) is a new building category with better quality of living and clean indoor air free of germs, VOCs and allergens.

• SPBs are immune to future electricity price hikes, estimated to increase 50% over the next 5 years
• They avoid the high costs of transporting electricity from the country to the city
• They generate, store and distribute their own power to the SPB network
• Generating power in a decentralized manner makes SPBs more resistant to terrorist attacks and natural disasters than centralized power generation
• They offer energy security in the unstable political climate and progressive global weather disasters that cause frequent power-outages
• SPBs preserve and enhance the value of a building
• They have lower operating and maintenance costs than conventional (Building1.0) or even green buildings (Building1.5)
• SPB projects create jobs, technology innovation, product development and economic growth