New Building Standard: Building2.0

                                                       THE NEW BUILDING STANDARD

It is indisputable that all future buildings will generate power and be self-powered.

ISPBC’s new SPB building standard, Building2.0. is the next-generation, smart, energy autonomous green building.

  • Building2.0 is the most logical solution to the clean energy future.
  • Current buildings will be value-challenged when consumers demand SPB as a standard feature.
  • Implementing SPB technologies in urban cores is urgently needed since most of the world’s population lives in cities which are growing exponentially.

Evolution of Buildings

Building 1.0 – conventional grid-connected building.

Building 1.5 – conventional building with photovoltaic (BIPV), wind, geothermal, and/or other green energy solutions added on the surface.

Building2.0 – ISPBC’s energy-autonomous Self-Powered-Building (SPB):

  • The biggest design and structural upgrade in the whole building industry since the inception of grid-electricity
  • Offers a new business model and product-driven consumer market for the hard-hit renewable energy sector
  • ISPBC’s bankability and insurance plans provide huge potential for investors, energy providers and building owners without government incentives and grants.
  • The new economic driver inspiring technology innovation, product development and job creation while providing energy security, clean and healthy environment and increasing harmony in the society

SPBs are multi-tier next-generation green buildings designed and built for maximum energy efficiency with customized energy-integration and maximum power generation capacity without wasting money, materials, space or natural resources.

Building2.0 has an intelligent energy design consisting of:

1. ENERGY SHELL: Applying power-generating exterior building materials like the RSI PV-Window -System
2. BIPS (Building-Integrated Power Station): Utilizing design, construction and managing expertise like BIPS services by RSI Energy
3. STORAGE: Smart storage core like the System
4. CONTROL CORE: AC/DC EMS (Energy Management System) like iConnet
5. GREEN NANOCOATING by XTIO2 Inc. This world-exclusive anti-contagion technology has greater than 99.999% SGS-proven anti-bacteria efficacy, and it eliminates VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and allergens from indoor air.
6. BANKABILITY/INSURABILITY: ISPBC’s sustainable business model can deliver more than 600% ROI from electricity generation which is an insurable asset providing guaranteed revenues.