(San Francisco, September 29, 2011) International Self-Powered Building Council (ISPBC) unveils Building 2.0 initiative to help America get back its competitive advantage

at GoingGreen Silicon Valley event organized by Tony Perkins (founder of Red Herring)/ AlwaysOn, and sponsored by KPMG, Morgan Stanley and Bridge Bank at San Francisco City Hall.


Building 2.0 is a multi-tier next-generation green building consisting of:

l   ENERGY SHELL – utilizing power-generating exterior building materials such as the RSI PV-Window-System and RSI ENERGY BIPS services (building-integrated-power-station).

l   ENERGY STORAGE – smart storage core like the System.

l   CONTROL CORE – AC/DC EMS (Energy-Management-System) like iConnet core by Controlnet International Inc.

l   INTERIOR GREEN ANTI-GERM/ANTI-VOC NANOCOATING by XTIO2 Inc. World-exclusive anti-contagion technology with greater than 99.999% SGS-proven anti-bacterial efficacy. XTIO2 provides clean indoor air free of germs, VOCs and allergens.


Current renewable energy industry lacks sustainable business model relying on government subsidies. ISPBC has developed new categories of bankability and insurance plans to make SPBs affordable reality. They can deliver more than 600% ROI from electricity generation providing bankable value and insurable asset to SPB owners. Because of this business model ISPBC can make SPBs almost at the same cost as conventional buildings with critical, embedded value: integratedenergy-security against progressive global weather and environmental issues that cause constant grid-stability problems.


ISPBC works currently with over 1000 SPB-related companies (technology, building materials, finance, insurance, real-estate, construction and electricity) that contribute to the global deployment of Building 2.0. ISPBC provides the movement with resources, strategy and unified standards to reduce wasteful repetition and to form viable marketplace.


ISPBC Building 2.0 is a long overdue plan to UPGRADE AMERICA. Most cities in the U.S. are ideal for this improvement right now, lasting a building’s lifespan. Building 2.0 can become a new economic driver inspiring technology innovation, product development and new job creation. It is the real long-term solution that invigorates the development of new SPB ECONOMY that may surpass the glorious “dot-com” revolution in the 90’s. Unlike virtual “dot-com” assets, SPB is a hard asset built onto the world’s biggest economy – the real estate business.


It’s indisputable that all buildings in the future will generate power like Building 2.0. ISPBC collaborates with the whole building sector providing much needed foundation to pull together all current and new resources to grow this progressive evolution towards a new direction.



International Self-Powered Building Council (ISPBC) is dedicated to advance, develop and drive Self-Powered Building (SPB) innovations and practices with a global action plan.